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#ObjectWarCampaign - #StandWithObjectors is supported by

(15.04.2024) The #ObjectWarCampaign - #StandWithObjectors is initiated by

Connection e.V., International Fellowship of Reconciliation, European Bureau for Conscientious Objection and War Resisters’ International and supported by ...

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UN in Geneva. Photo: Wikimedia

Connection e.V. is starting a new systematic work at the United Nations in Geneva

(16.04.2024) Starting in May 2024, Connection e.V. will begin a new systematic work to support conscientious objectors within the United Nations System in Geneva with its new consultant Zaira Zafarana. "We are very pleased," said Rudi Friedrich, Director of the conscientious objection network Connection e.V., today, "that the important work for the human right to conscientious objection to military service at the UN in Geneva can now be significantly strengthened again and further developed."

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Call to action for the International Day of Conscientious Objection (May 15)

Conscientious objection is a human right. Conscientious objectors to military service need asylum

(08.04.2024) We are organising rallies and demonstrations in front of government institutions of warring states, vigils in front of monuments to deserters and other creative actions at various locations during the week of 15 May, the "International Day of Conscientious Objection" - from 13 to 19 May 2024. We emphasise: Conscientious objection is a human right!

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Digest of Movement of Conscientious Objectors Russia

February 2024

(29.03.2024) Dear and beloved, hello everyone. This is Artyom Klyga from the Movement of Conscientious Objectors. In February, we closely followed legislative initiatives and the judicial practice of Russian courts. Today in our digest, we will talk about the new maximum age for mobilised soldiers; about the possibility for a partner to marry a deceased serviceman or servicewomen; about changes in the sphere of alternative civilian service and about new restrictions for Russian "foreign agents". Enjoy your reading!