Nasser Abdo

Nasser Abdo

Support US Army Muslim objector Nasser Abdo

by Courage to Resist

(12.10.2010) US Army Private First Class (PFC) Nasser Abdo is engaged in a struggle against religious discrimination and for freedom of conscience in the US Army. PFC Abdo is seeking a conscientious objector discharge from the military based on his religious beliefs as a Muslim, but his unit has instead decided to try to force him to deploy to Afghanistan. We are urging all people of conscience around the world to stand in solidarity with Nasser Abdo.

"To a soldier the association of terror and Islam serves the purpose of falsely justifying ones actions in combat by stripping Muslims of their humanity. The association of terror and Islam is what we now refer to as Islamaphobia, and furthermore that it is as if the US public is just recently following a trend that has been rampant in the military for years. Only when the military and America can disassociate Muslims with terror can we move onto a brighter future of the religious collaboration and dialogue that defines America and makes me proud to be an American.” (PFC Nasser Abdo)

As Chuck Fager, Director of Quaker House, Fayetteville, NC, explains in support of Nasser, “A Muslim soldier whose interpretation of his faith leads him to the conviction that he can’t participate in war deserves the same respect from the Army as does a Quaker, a Mennonite, or any other person following their conscience.”

A handful of past Courage to Resist donors have expressed objections to our support of PFC Nasser Abdo. There are always a couple of folks that have problems with any particular objector and their reasons for refusing to fight or speak out. However, in Nasser’s case, it’s been far more than usual. For Courage to Resist, we help objectors tell their stories and support them when they come into conflict with the military as a result of reasons of conscience.

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Courage to Resist: Support US Army Muslim objector Nasser Abdo. October 12, 2010.

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