A Demand for Justice

Message of greeting to protest action in front of Canadian consulate in Düsseldorf

by André Shepherd

(09.12.2010) There used to be a time, not long ago when people would be able to make rational decisions based upon the facts that are presented to them. Unfortunately those days are long behind us. As we stare into the aftermath of the first decade of the new millennium, one has to wonder how we even got here. We got here because of those in power who seem to believe that keeping your mouth shut and doing what you are told is more beneficial than standing up for Truth and Justice.

The American soldiers in Canada are on the front lines in the battle to stop American encroachment on the rights of the Individual. These people need to be applauded, not treated as though they are potential criminals. If it were up to the American Government, those Soldiers would be forced to take part in the stealing, Raping, and murdering that is going on throughout the world today.  It should not be a crime to have the integrity to say NO!

As a fellow Deserter from the War on Terror, I give my unwavering support to my comrades across the Atlantic. I also implore the Government of Canada to rethink their decision of denying protection to these Brave men and women, who stood on the side of right, even in the face of the one of the world´s most powerful governments. It is obvious that this war is based on a fraud. It is also obvious that our government does not care what happens to the peoples of the conquered land or the Soldiers of her armies once they served their purpose. How can you talk about Human Rights and compassion when you back away when presented with real case? What is it about us being American that has the world running scared? Are you going to have the fortitude to stand with us, and to force the U.S. to go back to be a law-abiding nation?  Time will tell, but one thing is clear...we aren´t going anywhere. We are going to fight as long as it takes until peace and justice reigns.

André Shepherd: Message of greeting to protest action in front of Canadian consulate in Düsseldorf. December 9, 2010.

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