Turkey: Conscientious Objector İnan Süver released early

by Connection e.V.

(14.12.2011) Last Friday, Turkish-Kurdish conscientious objector Inan Süver was released earlier then expected. His lawyer made an application requesting his release, arguing that the government had announced to prepare a law to legalise conscientious objection, and also on health grounds. The military court followed the first part of this argument.

Inan Süver was arrested on 5 August 2010. Because of a sentence due to 3 charges for desertion in 2001 he would have had to stay in prison until June 2012. Because Inan Süver was declared as unfit for military service with this earlier release is hope for an end of his prosecution.

Inan Süver explained that he is extremely happy and excited to be out of the prison cell and part of daily life again.

We thank all who supported Inan Süver and helped to achieve his early release.

Connection e.V., December 14, 2011

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