Osman Murat Ülke

Osman Murat Ülke

Decision to the case of Osman Murat Ülke

by Committee of Ministers of Council of Europe

The Deputies

1. noted with satisfaction the decision given on 4 June 2012 by the Eskişehir Military Court to lift the arrest warrant against the applicant for desertion;

2. invited the Turkish authorities to provide a copy of the decision in question, together with an assessment of its impact on the applicant’s current situation, in particular as to whether the applicant is still subject to further prosecution or conviction and whether he can exercise his civic rights without hindrance;

3. noted that consultations are currently ongoing among the relevant Turkish authorities with the aim of identifying the general measures required to execute the present judgment;

4. urged the Turkish authorities to keep the Committee informed on the ongoing consultation process and to provide a precise time-table for the adoption of general measures required.

Committee of Ministers of Council of Europe: Turkey: Decision to the case of Osman Murat Ülke. Ülke v. Turkey, Application 39437/98, Final judgment 24/04/2006, June 6, 2012 – 1144th meeting.

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