Israel: Conscientious Objector Natan Blanc exempted from military service after 10 imprisonments

by Connection e.V.

(04.06.2013) May 30, 2013, the Israeli military's Exemption Committee declared Israeli conscientious objector Natan Blanc unfit for duty, six months after he initially reported to the induction centre and declared his refusal.

This happened just some days after an online petition was started by Connection e.V., New Profile, Amnesty International, War Resisters' International, Yesh Gvul and Gush Shalom which was supported from about 5.000 signatories.

Since November 19, 2012, Natan Blanc was imprisoned ten times to altogether six months, because he refused the military service: “I refuse because I will not serve in an army that violates human rights regularly. I refuse because I will not serve as a tool to preserve the occupation. I refuse because it is the moral thing to do.”

Connection e.V.: June 4, 2013. Source: War Resisters‘ International May 30, 2013

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