Israel: Conscientious objector Bar Ahronovitch sentenced to prison for the first time

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(13.11.2013) Bar Ahronovitch, 18 years old, arrived, Wednesday, 23.10.2013, to the Induction Base in Tal-hashomer, where he declared his refusal to serve in the Israeli Army and was sentenced to 20 days of imprisonment for his refusal in the military prison No. 6 near Atlit.

Please send letters of support to the following address: Bar Ahronovitch, Military Prison No. 6, Military Postal Code 01860, IDF, Israel. Fax: ++972-4-9540580.

Since the prison authorities often block mail from reaching imprisoned objectors, we also recommend you to send them your letters of support and encouragement via e-mail to: messages2prison(at), and they will be printed out and delivered during visits.

It is also recommended to send letters of protest on the objectors’ behalf, preferably by fax, to:

Mr. Moshe Ya'alon, Minister of Defence, Ministry of Defence, Hakirya, Tel-Aviv 61909, Israel, eMail: or, Fax: ++972-3-6962757.

New Profile, eMail, November 13, 2013

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