Invitation to Conference "Eritrea and the Ongoing Refugee Crisis"

Programme and Registration to Brussels, October 19th, 2017

by Connection e.V., PRO ASYL, EMDHR, WRI, Eritrean Law Society und EEPA


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herewith we are pleased to invite you to the conference “Eritrea and the Ongoing Refugee Crisis” which will be held October 19th, 2017 in Brussels.

Eritrea is the fastest emptying country in the world and many of these refugees are increasingly finding their way to Europe at a huge cost to themselves. On June 14, 2017, the UN Special Rapporteur on Eritrea (Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth) presented a report on the situation of human rights to the Human Rights Council, she reaffirmed that no improvement has been made on Eritrea. Still in place is an indefinite national service, which is tantamount to slavery. A wide range of human rights violations are taking place.

As many European countries are lining up to cosy with the Eritrean government to promote bilateral relations and reduce the migration from Eritrea, the issue of human rights is increasingly taking a back seat to the detriment of the Eritrean people. This is a disgrace especially when those countries in the European Union profess to uphold democracy and human rights.

The conference “Eritrea and the Ongoing Refugee Crisis” will highlight the worsening Eritrean refugee crisis and the need to provide protection for Eritrean asylum seekers in the relevant EU host countries. By bringing together the voices of experts and refugees, by portraying a clear picture of the situation in Eritrea and by raising broader awareness, it will promote responsible European and international response to the Eritrean refugee crisis. 

Eritrean experts as well as international experts on Eritrea, among others Sheila Keetharuth, Dr. Asia Abdulkadir, Alex Jackson, Prof. Gaim Kibreab, Dr. Daniel Mekonnen, Dr. Sarah Ogbay, Selam Kidane, Dawit Mesfin, Father Mussie Zerai, Martin Plaut and Dr. Adane Ghebremeskel are going to analyze and discuss:

  • The Human Rights Situation in Eritrea
  • Challenges of Eritrean Asylum Seekers in the European Union
  • Conscription, Forced Labour and Gender Perspectives
  • The Refugee Crisis: Needs and Perspectives

A full programme you can find at or The conference will be held in English, Tigrinya and Arabic.


Representation of the State of Hessen to the European Union: 21, Rue Montoyer, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


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The Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Rights, EEPA, Förderverein PRO ASYL e.V., Connection e.V., War Resisters’ International, the Eritrean Law Society, kindly hosted by the Representation of the State of Hessen to the European Union. We thank for the support of Umverteilen! – Foundation for a solidary world.

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Registration required. Admission free. Donations are welcomed to the account of Connection e.V., IBAN DE48 3702 0500 0007 0857 00, SWIFT/BIC BFSWDE33XXX. Keyword: Eritrea

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Connection e.V., PRO ASYL, EMDHR, WRI, Eritrean Law Society und EEPA: Press Release and Invitation, September 4, 2017

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