Shahar Perets, Photo: Oren Ziv, Magazine +972

Shahar Perets, Photo: Oren Ziv, Magazine +972

Israel: I was sentenced to another 30 days in prison

Shahar Perets asks for support

(07.12.2021) Hi, 

It’s me, Shahar. For those of you not familiar with my story, I’m 19 years old from Kfar Yona, Israel. Earlier this year I declared my refusal to serve in the Israeli army because I am not willing to take part in Israel’s policies of occupation and apartheid in the Palestinian Territories. In response to my refusal, I was sent to military prison where I’ve served three prison sentences totaling 58 days. Last Sunday I was sentenced to another 30 days in prison.

The army will continue to sentence me to prison for refusing to enlist, but nothing can break my spirit or change my mind. I decided at a very early age that I will not become a soldier of the occupation and will not hurt my Palestinian friends. Today, I’m writing this message because I need your help and solidarity. 

In the past year we’ve seen a rise in the number of refusers. I am not alone. Eran Aviv, a fellow refuser, has served his sixth jail sentence totaling 114 days, and Oren Feld, who also refused reserve duty, was jailed for 14 days. With this rise, we, the refusers, are suffering from worsening conditions in military prisons. As I wrote in my previous message, I was not allowed to bring writing utensils to jail or write anything without the prison authorities monitoring what I’m writing. 

Not only that, I asked to see a doctor because I need physiotherapy but my request was not answered and to date I still don’t have a doctor’s appointment. Because I’m considered a part of the military system I cannot go and see a doctor in my time at home either. 

I’m fortunate to have Mesarvot and the Refuser Solidarity Network by my side. They make sure my rights in prison are not violated. I have legal representation that is already in touch with the prison authorities to make sure I receive my full rights. This is incredible help for me during my prison sentence that is only growing longer with each sentence renewal. Knowing that there is a community of refusers that supports me, and my fellow refusers, allows me to continue my struggle against the occupation. 

Now, more than ever, we need your help to support our movement. We need $25,000 to sustain our work through next year - will you donate today? We are counting on you to continue our critical work. With your generosity, our community of refusers can grow and we can continue to protect youth that refuse to be complicit and stand on the right side of justice.

In solidarity, Shahar

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