Asylum for those who refuse the war in Ukraine

by Finnish Union of Conscientious Objection

(02.03.2022) The Union of Conscientious Objection Finland condemns Russia’s war in Ukraine in violation of international law. The Union is concerned that, according to several sources, Russia has used not only contract soldiers but also ordinary conscripts to attack.

There are many shortcomings in the exercise of the right to conscientious objection in Russia, and many of those ordered in the war of aggression are likely to be there against their will. Those ordered and refused military action run the risk of being prosecuted and severely punished in Russia.

The Union of Conscientious Objection demands that Finland allow passage to the country and grant international protection to every conscientious objector and deserter who is in danger because refusing to go to war in Ukraine. This would be a practical and pro-human way to support Russian citizens who oppose the country’s policy and to weaken Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In addition to this, of course, Ukrainians fleeing the war must also be given protection.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has already promised full amnesty and financial compensation to all Russian soldiers who lay down their arms and surrender. The Union of COs supports the initiative and demands that Ukraine keeps its promises and offer the opportunity to surrender safely. It also reminds Ukraine to uphold and fully implement the right to conscientious objection guaranteed by international human rights treaties.

Union of Conscientious Objection Finland: Turvapaikka Ukrainan sodasta kieltäytyville! March 2, 2022.

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