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Information for dissatisfied soldiers from Russia

Ever thought about it?

Why should I fight in a country that didn’t attack Russia?

Why am I fighting people related to my family?

Why do we have to shoot at civilians?

Here you will find advice on what you and your family can do.

If you leave the army…

In Russia

there is a right to conscientious objection. However, it has been increasingly restricted in recent years. The now banned organization Citizen. Army. Law 2020 wrote the following: "Applications from citizens for the provision of an alternative service were regularly rejected with unreasonable reasons or the applicant was referred to a psychiatric examination without justification."

There are several ways to avoid being drafted. The movement for conscientious objection has created instructions for this. Please see




and here as well

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In the European Union

You can apply for asylum in Poland, Finland, the Baltic States, Hungary and many other countries in Western Europe. To do so, you must go to a refugee reception centre in the respective country and register there. You will also give your personal data there. Data about your person and your travel route will be registered.

Please note that in Western Europe there is an agreement between the countries that the asylum application is handled where you are officially registered first. Therefore, if you apply for asylum, e.g. in Lithuania, Lithuania must also process the asylum application. If you still travel on to other Western European countries, you will be returned to the first country of reception to process the asylum application.

If you apply for asylum, after a few days you will have a hearing with an office from the relevant refugee reception centre. In this hearing, you will first be asked again about your travel route. After that, you will have the opportunity to state your reasons for applying for asylum. An important argument can be that you wanted to escape a war of aggression against another country. Describe as precisely as possible your reasons and what you have done to avoid being involved in the war.

It is also important that you can provide documents and identification if possible: Military identification badge, military ID, draft card, orders about your place of deployment, etc.

The reception of refugees differs depending on the country. However, you must assume that as an asylum seeker you will be housed in a reception centre with many other refugees and will also be required to live and reside there during the asylum process. Opportunities to work are severely limited. The asylum procedure itself can take several months, sometimes even years.

We recommend that, if possible, you contact counseling centres for refugees in the respective country before submitting your application. These counseling centres can also put you in touch with lawyers.

What your family can do in Russia

Her family can contact the military commissariats, write them appeals, pester them with questions. Sample letters to the military commissariats and the Department of Defense can be found at

This is an initial briefing. We keep up-to-date information as well as further links at the central web address

Who we are: We are a coalition of organizations and individuals from Western Europe who want to support anyone who does not want to participate in the war effort.

For further questions you can contact us via
+49 157 824 702 51 (in Russian language)

An information for recruits and soldiers from Russia, published on 10.5.2022

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