News on the #ObjectWarCampaign for deserters and conscientious objectors

Russia, Belarus, Ukraine

(12.09.2023) After the success of our last action week for the #ObjectWarCampaign in May 2023 that was organized in solidarity with conscientious objectors and deserters from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, we are now calling for another action week with more than 30 other organizations from Germany and Europe. It will occur on the International Human Rights Day from December 4-10, 2023.

We demand from the Russian, Belarus, and Ukrainian governments: Stop the persecution of conscientious objectors and deserters immediately! We demand from the EU and the German government: Open the borders! Give opponents of war the possibility to enter the European Union legally! Protect conscientious objectors and deserters from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine and give them asylum!

New info material for the #ObjectWarCampaign

Just in time for the September 1 actions, we have reissued our leaflet for the #ObjectWarCampaign. It is now eight pages DIN 6 long and includes updates, a list of organizations involved in the campaign, and a collage of pictures from the last two years. It is attached to this newsletter. The leaflet can be ordered free of charge via our online store (in German and English). 4,000 leaflet have already been sent out.

On our new campaign website,, we have compiled further information on the #ObjectWarCampaign and made suggestions for local actions. We hope that activities and events take place in many places in Germany and Europe to show broad support for this topic. We can provide materials and banners. Please get in touch with Connection e.V.

New website for the #ObjectWarCampaign

With the joint actions, especially in May 2023, there was a desire to have a better online presence with our campaign. We have therefore opened the website to publish information, background articles, a guide to actions, and information about the organizations involved in the campaign. Just take a look!

Telegram channel on asylum and conscientious objection

Connection e.V. now maintains a Russian-language telegram channel on conscientious objection and asylum. In addition to regular updates on the current situation of Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian conscientious objectors, as well as helpful references, the channel provides contacts to Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, and Georgian organizations active in this field. There is compact information on the most critical topics, such as conscientious objection in Russia, the Dublin Agreement, and asylum procedures in the European Union. The channel has a regularly updated FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. It is aimed at Russian-speaking conscientious objectors, family members, friends, and supporters of the anti-war movement. It already has 100 subscribers and can be accessed at the following link:

Public relations

We currently receive many requests to speak at events. Franz Nadler works for an honorarium and the payment of travel expenses to report on our work and the #ObjectWarCampaign. Rudi Friedrich and Marah Frech will travel to speak at events in the coming weeks, too. In addition, there are many press and TV reports about the situation of Russian and Ukrainian conscientious objectors and deserters. Some you can find at

Financial support and donations

We thank everyone for participating in the #ObjectWarCampaign fundraising campaign over the last few months. So far, 200,000 € have been received for this work. In the meantime, we have spent about 160,000 € mainly for the support of the groups of the network, which are concretely committed to the refuseniks and can thus sustainably secure their work. We would also like to thank PRO ASYL for supporting the project.

Rudi Friedrich: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine - News on the #ObjectwarCampaign for deserters and conscientious objectors. 12.9.2023.

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