Despite everything: Voices for an end to violence and understanding in Israel and Palestine

by Connection e.V.

(17.10.2023) Hamas’s militants have invaded Israel from Gaza on October 7, 2023. "Hundreds of people were massacred in their homes and at a music festival, just entire communities decimated," reports Israeli conscientious objector Haggai Matar. It is an unimaginable horror.

Israel has mobilized some 300,000 reservists and is preparing a ground offensive in Gaza. Government officials are calling for revenge. Thousands of Palestinians have already been killed by bombs from the Israeli Defense Forces.

Given this situation, we want to multiply conscientious objectors and other critical voices from Israel. "Not in our name!" writes the group of conscientious objectors in Israel, Mesarvot, on Facebook. "There is no act of violence in this world that will bring those we lost back to life. There is no solution that can grow out of the desire for revenge and suffering. The only path towards a safe life here is to cease the atrocities committed by the state of Israel and to work towards peace. Only kindness will lift us from this hell.”

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Refusers’ Solidarity Network asks for support

Yesterday, we received a message from the Refusers’ Solidarity Network. "We at RSN are partnering with a variety of peace organizations such as Mesarvot, Free Jerusalem, Yesh Gvul, Mothers Against Violence, and others while working to locate and form contacts with more peace organizations in order to support them in their work to defuse the violence and vocalize peacebuilding messages in these horrific times. They need a lot of support from the international community, mostly funding and resources, in order to continue their resistance to this war.” We, therefore, ask for support for these initiatives through the following link:

Connection e.V.: News, October 17, 2023

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