The interactive map of the international campaign #RefuseWar

The interactive map of the international campaign #RefuseWar

News on the #ObjectWarCampaign to support deserters and conscientious objectors

Russia, Belarus, Ukraine

by Connection e.V.

Week of Action around the International Day of Conscientious Objection on May 15

Together with around thirty organizations from Germany, we call for a week of action to protect all those who refuse military service in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. During the week of action from May 13 to 25, 2024, rallies and demonstrations in front of government institutions of warring states, vigils in front of monuments to deserters, and other creative actions will take place in various locations. The #ObjectWarCampaign will be a focus of this year’s action week, too. To the call to action: All dates at

International campaign #RefuseWar: Join in!

With the hashtag #RefuseWar, we are launching a new public campaign of refusal and solidarity and invite you to join by declaring your refusal of the military service in your country and/or your solidarity with conscientious objectors, deserters, and war resisters worldwide. With public declarations of refusal and solidarity, we not only want to draw attention to the terrible consequences of wars, but speak out firmly against militarism, military service, and war preparations. We want to support those who object and desert to war in Ukraine, Israel/Palestine, Colombia, Yemen, Sudan, and other countries and multiply the voices of those who are concerned by an increase in the militarization of societies, politics, and economies worldwide. Write your statement explaining what you refuse to do and what you stand for. Further information at:

New campaign materials

We have prepared new material for the occasion of International Day of Conscientious Objection that can be downloaded at and ordered in our online store. Among other things, there is a header for Facebook and other social media; new posters (A3 format) that can be used as a "sandwich" or conventional protest poster; banners; #ObjectWarCampaign flyers and multilingual flyers with advice; our campaign newspapers and several videos. The videos can be downloaded from our YouTube channel:

Connection e.V.: News on the #ObjectWarCampaign to support deserters and conscientious objectors. 30.04.2024. This article was published in: Connection e.V. (ed.): Newsletter "KDV im Krieg", May 2024, issue 02/2024.

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