The Warrior Nation podcast, ForcesWatch.

The Warrior Nation podcast, ForcesWatch.

Warrior Nation Podcast: "International anti-militarism: Ukrainian war resisters (SE5 EP3)"

by ForcesWatch

The Warrior Nation podcast is a deep dive into military affairs and the relationship between defence, the armed forces and civil society in modern Britain, produced and edited by ForcesWatch.

Welcome to Season Five of Warrior Nation!

Warrior Nation returns with a series exploring the work of leading anti-militarist organisations from around the world. With wars raging in Gaza, Ukraine and beyond, platforming critical voices has never been more important. So we’ve sought out people and organisations who resist every day to ask them how they develop the strategies and tactics to challenge the powerful forces which drive militarism. The last few years have shown us nothing if not that militarism is on the rise globally, making it more important than ever that voices critical of war and the military have a platform.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had multiple global impacts. From the rise in global food and oil prices to the increased threat of nuclear war, it’s hard to find hope. But many thousands of Ukrainians, Russians and Belorussians have refused to engage in the fighting, fleeing to Europe to avoid the draft.

In this episode, we’re talking with Marah Frech who works in the executive office of Connection e.V., a German anti-militarist group which supports deserters and resisters. We explore this new front of struggle which exists at the intersection of war, migration and asylum.

The show is presented Joe Glenton from ForcesWatch. See details about Joe’s new book Veteranhood (published November 2021) from his publisher Repeater.

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ForcesWatch, The Warrior Nation Podcast: International anti-militarism: Ukrainian war resisters (SE5 EP3).

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