Eritrea: Conscientious Objection and Desertion

Booklet, March 2005

(01.03.2005) In autumn 2004, the Germany based Eritrean Antimilitarist Initiative and Connection e.V. published a documentation on conscientious objection and desertion in Eritrea. The core of this documentation, interviews with refugees from Eritrea, who managed to escape from violence and war, and who now face the European Unions anti-asylum policy, give a very moving impression of the plight of young Eritreans, male and female, who grow up in an extremely militarised environment.




For the right to conscientious objection

Yohannes Kidane: Conscientious objection in Eritrea


Henok Estifanos

Bisrat Habte Micael

Weldu Habtemicael

Musse Habtemichael

Saeed Ibrahim

Ruta Yosef-Tedla


Amnesty International: "You have no right to ask"

A former soldier reports

Three Jehovah’s Witnesses held since 1994

Military banned from religious practices

Recruited at the age of 16

Secret Prisons in Eritrea

Torture and ill-treatment of prisoners

Atrocious prison conditions

Over 110 Eritrean nationals forcibly returned from Libya

Eritrean asylum-seekres at risk

Thousands of people held at Adi Abeto army prison

The Times, Malta: Malta deportees tortured in Eritrea, Anmesty says

UNHCR: Position on Return of Rejected Asylum Seekers to Eritrea

Letter to the Darmstadt administrative court, Germany

Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers: Global Report to Eritrea

US Department of State: Country Report Eritrea

Human Rights Watch: Eritrea

War Resisters’ International (WRI): The Right to Refuse to Kill

The booklet "Eritrea: Conscientious Objection and Desertion" was published by War Resisters’ International (WRI), the Eritrean Antimilitarist Initiative and Connection e.V. in March 2005 on basis of the German booklet "Eritrea: Kriegsdienstverweigerung und Desertion" (November 2004)

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