Winter Soldier Hearing: All reports of testifiers

Videos and Audios

(17.03.2009) Hearing Winter Soldier was held in Freiburg Mach 14, 2009. Here you find a list of all testimony, which are available as video at YouTube or audio.


List of testimony

Virginia Edwards-Menz

Welcome by Virginia Edwards-Menz

Videos: Part I

Rose Kazma

Rose Kazma, psychologist, describes her experiences with individuals suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) resulting from US military combat.

Videos: Part I (from 4:47) – Part II

André Shepherd

Andre Shepherd discussed his asylum case in Germany and why he deserted from the US Army and refused to deploy to Iraq. He detailed how, after his deployment to Iraq, he came to realize that he couldn’t support the occupation there.

Videos: Part IPart II

Martin Webster

Martin Webster talked about the video he filmed of British soldiers beating Iraqi civilians. He also discussed how he has coped with post traumatic stress disorder.

Videos: Part IPart II

Christian Neumann

Christian Neumann explained how NATO is more dangerous than helpful as an ally for Germany. An active-duty member of the German armed forces, Neumann talked about why NATO shouldn’t impose its values on other cultures, including in Afghanistan, where he served in 2007 and 2008.

Videos: Part IPart IIPart III

Chris Arendt

Chris Ardent spoke about the homeless veterans, about the treatment for their psychological disturbances and about “combat paper“, a method of turning uniforms into paper, which the homeless veterans use to support themselves.

Videos: Part IPart II - Part IIIPart IV

Dave Cortelyou

Dave Cortelyou played an audio recording about his experiences in Iraq, his difficulties after returning home and his resistance against further engagement in Iraq.

Audio of Radio Dreyeckland: ...more

Lee Kamara

Lee Kamara talked about the initial invasion of Iraq from a British soldier’s perspective and how he has suffered and dealt with his post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He also talk about a project entitled Voices of War that is linking veterans through art.

Videos: Part IPart II Part III

Eddie Falcon

Eddie Falcon talked about his work of transporting detainees from Baghdad to Basra Prison. He described it as a “dehumanizing process” that included blindfolding and strapping Iraqi civilians to the floor of the cargo compartment. He claims racism is helping keep up support for the war in the minds of soldiers and the public alike.

Videos: Part IPart II - Part IIIPart IV

Chris Capps

Chris Capps-Schubert talked about fraud, waste, and abuse in Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as a secret prison on the Victory Base Complex known as “Lost Lake”.

Videos: Part IPart II


List of video and audio recording of Hearing "Winter Soldier", Freiburg (Germany) March 14, 2009

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