For Peace and Democracy in Ethiopia

EWRI call to a Rally and Manifestation in Frankfurt/M.

by Ethiopian War Resisters’ Initiative (EWRI)

(10.11.2009) The "Ethiopian War Resisters’ Initiative" (EWRI) call to participate at a rally

Thursday, November 19, 2009, 2 p.m.

in front of the Ethiopian consulate

Mendelssohnstraße 51 in Frankfurt/M.

The „Ethiopian War Resisters’ Initiative“ (EWRI) is working against war and militarization and is opposing all forms of human rights violations. The EWRI, a group of about twenty refugees from Ethiopia, is dedicated to a longlasting peace and the enforcement of democracy instead of a dictatorship of the Ethiopian government which is responsible for human rights violations and war. All kinds of war and conflicts must be resolved peacefully.

The dictatorship under Meles Zenawi manipulated the election in 2005 and arrested opposition leaders and supporters as well as journalists. Again the regime is trying to hinder the election campaign of opposition parties in the next election in May 2010.

With the rally we demand:

- Free and peaceful elections in May 2010;

- Freedom of the press and unrestricted election campaign of the opposition;

- An end to arrests, torture and killing of members of the opposition;

- No intervention in the sovereign country of Somalia;

- A peaceful solution of the border conflict with Eritrea;

- Full human rights and democracy in Ethiopia, Eritrea and other countries at Horn of Africa.

Furthermore we urge the German government to grant asylum for refugees. Stop Deportation!

For more information please turn to  Selamawit Kahsay (0176-77170631), Samson Mulugeta Tefari (01520-9902867) or go to

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