Conscientious objectors and deserters need our support

No to war in Ukraine!

(01.03.2022) Once again, there is war in Europe. We are appalled. In a war of aggression, Russian troops have invaded Ukraine on the orders of the Russian government under Vladimir Putin. Already  many are dead or have been wounded. There is a threat of further escalation.

We demand from the Russian government to immediately cease all hostilities and withdraw all troops from Ukraine. An escalation leading to the confrontation between Russia and NATO must be avoided at all costs. We welcome starting negotiations before the suffering becomes even greater.

We experience that also here in Germany, under the impression of the war, arms build-up and militarization of our lives is being pushed forward.

"Our solidarity and support is especially for all those who refuse to go to war or desert. They must be protected," said Rudi Friedrich of Connection e.V. today. "Our solidarity and support also goes to all those who, on whatever side, stand up against war, offer civil resistance and demand the immediate end of the war."

"In recent years, several hundred refusers from all parts of Ukraine came to Germany," adds Rudi Friedrich, "to find protection here from war missions. Most of them were rejected in the asylum procedures and thus subjected to a renewed war deployment. This is a scandal that must not be repeated."

We call on Germany and the European Union to accept refugees from the conflict region unbureaucratically and permanently.

War is a crime. Therefore, we call on everyone, but especially on Russian soldiers, to lay down their arms. We call on the rulers of the states involved in the war to guarantee the human right to conscientious objection.

At the same time we demand from Germany and the European Union: Conscientious objectors and deserters, both Russian and Ukrainian, need asylum.

More information about anti-war activities in Ukraine and Russia can be found at and will be continuously updated by us.

Specific information for asylum seeking conscientious objectors and deserters from Russia and Ukraine is in preparation.

Connection e.V., press release, March 1, 2022

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