Mattan Helman. © Ido Ramon

Mattan Helman. © Ido Ramon

Israel: Conscientious objector Mattan Helman imprisoned for the second time

by War Resisters International

(18.12.2017) Conscientious objector Mattan Helman in Israel has been imprisoned for a second time for his refusal to be conscripted. Mattan, 20, from Kibbutz Haogen, is in Military Prison 6, in jail this time for 20 days. To support Mattan with your protest emails, click here.

Just before his first imprisonment Mattan wrote:

"I know I'll remember this day all my life. I will remember it not for being imprisoned, but for being the day in which I mark my freedom".

As well as writing to the Israeli authorities with your objections, please send messages of support to Mattan via the form here.

War Resisters' International: eMail, December 18, 2017

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