Turkey: Against The Motion, Against The War!

by Conscientious Objection Association

(08.10.2019) The motion about North and East of Syria which the power calls “safe zone” was discussed and accepted in General Assembly of the Parliament. Since the motion came up, we see various political parties are in support of it, sometimes openly; and we hear other politicians and political circles “needs must, although regrettably” support it.

We are not surprised at all that’s happening. We are not surprised that the politicians allegedly say “peace” on the one hand, and support warmongering on the other hand; that the first agenda of Parliament on the day it opens, October 1, is this missive; that war and violence are spoken and discussed as the only solutions. We are not surprised that the war plans of the power, which will directly affect the lives of millions of people in order to ensure the power’s own security, is named peace.

We are not surprised and we are once again shout against the new decision: No to war! No to every war that will be waged, every occupation that will be made, each and every new motion decision that will be taken for the hegemonic policies of the power!

Vicdani Ret Derneği: Tezkereye ve savaşa hayır! October 9, 2019.

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