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We invite you to join our international #RefuseWar campaign by declaring your opposition to military service in your country and/or your solidarity with conscientious objectors, deserters, and war resisters worldwide. This is an international public campaign aiming at interrupting the hegemonic public discourse favoring the militarization of societies worldwide, it is not an appeal to officially declare your conscientious objection to the military authorities in your country (read more why here).

We collect all kinds of declarations and statements – whether they consist of just a few sentences or a comprehensive text, a photo, or a video statement, that is up to you and your preferred way of sharing your thoughts of resistance. You are also welcome to make use of our template and complete the sentences: "I object to …" and "I stand for …".

How it’s looking like on our map? You can take a look at #RefuseWar.

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