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Kriegszerstörungen. Foto: Carabo Spain auf Pixabay

Blackmailing Syrians: Confiscating the Properties of Draft Evaders

Uploaded 01.03.2021

(18.02.2021) Statements made several days ago by Brigadier-General Elias al-Bitar, head of the army’s Exemption and Reserve branch, have sown chaos and confusion among Syrians. Syrian men living outside the country and above the age of conscription have been threatened with the seizure of their property, as well as the property of their relatives, if they have not performed compulsory military service.

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EBCO published annual report to conscientious objection 2020

Europe is not a safe place for many conscientious objectors in several countries

Uploaded 17.02.2021

(15.02.2021) EBCO’s annual report, covering the region of Council of Europe (CoE), concludes that Europe was not a safe place in 2020 for many conscientious objectors in several countries. “Conscientious objectors faced prosecution, arrests, trials by military courts, imprisonments, fines, intimidation, attacks, death threats, and discrimination. These countries include Turkey, the Turkish-occupied northern part of Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine and Greece, EBCO’s President Alexia Tsouni stated today.

The report could be downloaded at

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Demonstration in Frankfurt am Main

Stop the war in Tigray

Demonstration: Let us stand up & raise our voices

Uploaded 15.02.2021

(13.02.2021) On February 13, 2021, around 300 people demonstrated in Frankfurt/Main against the war in Tigray. They called to end the war. They condemned the crimes committed against the Eritrean refugees and the people in Tigray. They campaigned for the immediate withdrawal of the Eritrean army from Tigray: "We call on the international community to take action against Tyranny in Eritrea who have committed war crimes in the refugee camps in Tigray, and bring them to justice and impose sanctions on them now." The demonstration has been organized by Eritreans from Frankfurt.

Action in Seoul. Photo: World Without War

South Korea: Constitutional petition filed against "punitive" alternative military service law

Uploaded 05.02.2021

(27.01.2021) A conscientious objector, now carrying out his alternative military service as a prison staff member under the current law after refusing to enlist for religious reasons, has filed a constitutional appeal contending that the alternative military service law is unconstitutional due to its punitive nature, judicial officials said Wednesday.

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