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André Shepherd

U.S. Soldier Seeking Asylum in Germany: `I Want to Be Able to Atone`

Elsa Rassbach interviews André Shepherd

(30.05.2009) The well-known German ambivalence towards the U.S. "war against terror" is now being further tested by a U.S. soldier’s application for asylum in Germany. André Shepherd, who was stationed in Germany, refuses to deploy to Iraq. Elsa Rassbach interviewed him.

André Shepherd

Letter to Supporters

"The numerous efforts have given me the strength to continue on this difficult path"

(19.05.2009) A half year after André Shepherd applied for asylum in Germany he reports about his situation.

AWOL U.S. soldier André Shepherd on the International Day of Conscientious Objection

"We will not rest until the war criminals are brought to justice"

(15.05.2009) Connection e.V. and the Military Counseling Network, organizations which are working to support André Shepherd in his asylum proceedings in Germany, are emphasizing the importance of his request which has not yet issued a decision. The organisations ask for further support in the face of this extremely important case.

André Shepherd

Prize "Peace through Conviction" for U.S. AWOL soldier

Prizewinner said thanks

(07.02.2009) U.S. Army AWOL soldier André Shepherd got the Munich American Peace Committee peace prize at February 7, 2009. The committee is a U.S.-peace group based in Munich, Germany. With following words André Shepherd said thanks.