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Israel: Solidarity with Israelian conscientious objectors

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Wd., 22nd June, 2022, 4pm London, 5pm Berlin, 6pm Tel Aviv: Refusing to serve in the military in Israel

A Conversation with conscientious objectors Shahar Perets and Eran Aviv

In a webinar on June 22, 2022, refusers Shahar Perets and Eran Aviv will explain their approaches to conscientious objection in Israel and address the importance of conscientious objection to a peace and reconciliation process in the Middle East.

The webinar will be held in Hebrew and English with simultaneous interpretation.

The webinar is free but registration is required. You can register here:

The webinar is organized by War Resisters’ International, Connection e.V., Refuser Solidarity Network und Mesarvot

Shahar Perets, Photo: Oren Ziv, Magazine +972

Israel: I was sentenced to another 30 days in prison

Shahar Perets asks for support

(07.12.2021) Hi, it’s me, Shahar. For those of you not familiar with my story, I’m 19 years old from Kfar Yona, Israel. Earlier this year I declared my refusal to serve in the Israeli army because I am not willing to take part in Israel’s policies of occupation and apartheid in the Palestinian Territories. In response to my refusal, I was sent to military prison where I’ve served three prison sentences totaling 58 days. Last Sunday I was sentenced to another 30 days in prison.

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Oren Feld, Credit: Ore Cherbelis Hod

Israel: Sentenced to 14 days in prison for refusing to serve the occupation

(22.11.2021) Hello, my name is Oren, I’m 29 years old. I live in Jerusalem and I am an MA student. I run a social worker NGO and work in the Jerusalem branch of the Hadash party (The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality). I was just released after 14 days in military jail for refusing to do my reserve duty in the Israeli military.

Eran Aviv (l.) and Shahar Perets. Photo: Oren Ziv

Israel: Support the refusers Shahar Perets and Eran Aviv

(24.10.2021) Shahar Perets (19) and Eran Aviv (19) once again arrived at the Israeli military enlistment center to declare their refusal to serve as soldiers and take part in the oppression of the Palestinian people. Each of them was tried and sentenced to 30 days in military jail. This is Eran’s sixth prison sentence totaling 114 days. Shahar has already served 28 days in jail and this is her third jail sentence.

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