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Israel: Solidarity with Israelian conscientious objectors

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Eran Aviv (l.) and Shahar Perets. Photo: Oren Ziv

Israel: Support the refusers Shahar Perets and Eran Aviv

(24.10.2021) Shahar Perets (19) and Eran Aviv (19) once again arrived at the Israeli military enlistment center to declare their refusal to serve as soldiers and take part in the oppression of the Palestinian people. Each of them was tried and sentenced to 30 days in military jail. This is Eran’s sixth prison sentence totaling 114 days. Shahar has already served 28 days in jail and this is her third jail sentence.

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Shahar Perets, Foto: Oren Ziv, Magazine +972

Israel: Another 30 days in prison

(24.10.2021) I just spent my 19th birthday behind bars and I’ve already served two prison sentences and spent 28 days in jail. Last Thursday I was tried again and sentenced to another 30 days in prison. I will continue facing recurring incarcerations for my refusal to cooperate with the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories.

Action October 31, 2020.

Conscientious objectors: An unconvenient truth for Israel

(14.09.2021) Considering Israel’s never-ending involvement in war and conflict, it is not surprising that the phenomenon of conscientious objection has taken root there, and that the number of adherents has grown as the country has become more involved in “wars of choice” and oppressive occupation, rather than wars of self-defense.

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Shahar Perets, Photo: Oren Ziv, Magazine +972

Shahar Perets, Israel: „I don’t want to wear a uniform that symbolizes violence and pain“

(01.09.2021) Shahar Perets, who was sentenced to prison for refusing to join the Israeli army, talks about meeting Palestinians for the first time, her visits to the West Bank, and how Israeli society represses the occupation.

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