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Israel: Solidarity with Israelian conscientious objectors

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CO-Declaration of Hilel Garmi on Facebook

“All people need to have red lines beyond which we will no longer be prepared to cooperate more with the state.”

(14.08.2018) Hilel Garmi tells us how the recent protest at the Gazan border and the writings of Ahmed Abu Artema inspired him to his act of civil disobedience.
He talks about the injustice of the Israeli state affecting the lives of Palestinians without granting them any right to political participation in the decision-making processes between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River. For Hilel the refusal to serve in the Israeli army is a non-violent mean to emphasize the government’s lack of morality and to make the Israeli public question things they take for granted, such as the necessity and legitimacy of military actions.

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CO-Declaration of Luhar Altman on Facebook

"An unjust system"

(14.08.2018) Luhar Altman refused to serve in the Israeli army. In this interview she explains to the motivation behind her choice and how literature inspired her to question the structures of Israeli society. She believes that it is unjust systems that make people turn to violence and that the Israeli military maintains a vicious circle of violence.
Draft refusers in Israel keep being imprisoned by the state and shamed by society for their act of civil disobedience.

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Mattan Helman. © Ido Ramon

Israel: Conscientious objector Mattan Helman imprisoned for the third time

(16.01.2018) Conscientious objector Mattan Helman in Israel has been imprisoned for a third time for his refusal to be conscripted. Mattan, 20, from Kibbutz Haogen, is in Military Prison 6, in jail this time for 20 days. To support Mattan with your protest emails, click here.


63 Israeli youth in a letter to the Prime Minister

The Shministiot Letter 2017

(27.12.2017) "We will refuse to enlist and serve in the army out of a commitment to the values of peace, justice and equality, knowing another reality is possible and attainable together.”

"We call upon girls our age to ask themselves: does military service actually works for this reality?"