#ObjectWarCampaign - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine: Protection for deserters and conscientious objectors 

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Helsinki, July 11, 2024

"Adbusting”: Berlin and Helsinki activists demand asylum for conscientious objectors

(11.07.2024) Oops, what are Berlin ad posters doing in Helsinki? And why are they campaigning for asylum for conscientious objectors? The "adbusted" posters are calling for asylum for conscientious objectors from Belarus and Russia. "We are currently in Helsinki to network with antimilitarists from the Baltic Sea region," reports Roderich Supersonnenwetter, spokesperson for the action group (AfKj!). "So close to the border with Russia, it makes sense to send a signal of solidarity for conscientious objection." Roderich Supersonnenwetter says: "Asylum for conscientious objectors from Russia and Belarus is a smart way to make it more difficult for Putin to wage his war in Ukraine!"

Advocacy at the UN and much more

Reporting on Ukraine, Belarus, Eritrea, Turkey and on the human right to conscientious objection

(11.07.2024) In May 2024, Zaira Zafarana began her work in Connection e.V. as international advocacy coordinator. Her consultancy is aimed to advocate for human rights and in particular for the human right to conscientious objection to military service at the United Nations in Geneva, the Council of Europe, and the European Union.

Oral statement given at Interactive dialogue on the situation in Ukraine

UN Human Rights Council, 56th Session

(10.07.2024) This morning, Mr. Volker Turk, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights concluded the interactive dialogue at the UN Human Rights Council on the situation in Ukraine. Connection e.V. collaborated with War Resisters International to the drafting and delivering of an oral statement in the plenary, calling for the end of the war in Ukraine and for the protection of the human rights of those who object to the war. Among others, the case of the human rights defender, Yurii Sheliazhenko, and of his organization, Ukrainian Pacifist Movement have been raised.