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İnan Mayıs Aru

Turkey: Let the bird of miracles sing and you will hear it

Video with conscientious objecotr İnan Mayıs Aru

(05.05.2021) The Conscientious Objection Association, Vicdani Ret Derneği, focuses on the experiences of conscientious objectors in Turkey. In the first interview published as part of a video series, the association share the story of İnan Mayıs Aru, who declared his conscientious objection in 2008. The video has been published to the International Day of Conscientious Objection, May 15, 2021.

Turkish with English undertitles

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Against my Conscience

Germany: Against my Conscience

Trailer to Graphic Novel written and drawn by Hannah Brinkmann

(22.01.2021) Hannah Brinkmann’s uncle was forced to serve in the German armed forces in 1973. In the graphic novel “Against My Conscience” she tells his story. The film introduces Hannah Brinkmann’s book based on the images and texts. Hannah Brinkmann is 30, comes from Hamburg and studied graphic novel at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg.

German with English undertitles.

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Eritrea: Public intergroup discussion in the Bundestag

Video Documentation

(25.06.2020) On 25 June 2020, a public intergroup zoom discussion was held at the invitation of Rudi Friedrich (Connection e.V.) and Kathrin Vogler (MdB, Die Linke). Several experts as well as members of the German parliament parties SPD, FDP and the parliamentary group Bündnis 90/Die Grünen took part in the discussion. More than 60 persons from about 10 countries were following the discussion.

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Jhony Arango

Jhony Arango: Colombia: From a very young age I decided not to participate in any war

Video on YouTube channel Refuse to Kill

(16.05.2020) I am Jhony Arango, conscientious objector from the city of Medellín - Colombia. Why did I declare myself an objector and conscience? Because from a very young age I decided not to participate in any war, and that’s why I decided not to be part of the Army. From there I became linked to antimilitarist organizations and groups, I have been an activist during this time until now.

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