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Türkiye - bedelli askerlik, vatandaşlıktan çıkarma, askerliğe elverişli olmayanlar ve iltica

Genel bakış

(06.02.2024) Bu metinde, 2024 yılı itibariyle Türkiye’de zorunlu askerliğe dair mevcut durumu sunmak istiyoruz. Muafiyet ve tecil koşulları Türkiye’de ya da yurtdışında yaşıyor olmanıza göre farklılık göstermektedir.

Substitute payment, denaturalisation, withdrawal and asylum

An overview

(06.02.2024) All male Turkish citizens are subject to compulsory military service, which in Turkey applies indefinitely, even though the law limits the age of military service from 20 to 41 years (Art.3a) (1). They are often unaware of the options for avoiding military service. Here we want to present the current status as of 2024. The conditions for replacement payment and deferment differ depending on whether you live in Turkey or abroad.

Joint Letter from conscientious objectors in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus to Erdoğan and Mitsotakis

(08.12.2023) “The mutual arms race, heavy military expenditures, and insistence on aggressive attitudes that antagonize Greece and Turkey serve as a significant factor hindering peace and cooperation,” conscientious objection organizations said in an open letter ahead of meeting of Erdoğan and Mitsotakis in Athens.

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Turkey: Input for OHCHR - report on conscientious objection to military service 2023

(October 2023) This input to the situation of conscientious objectors in Turkey was submitted to the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in October 2023.

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