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Bob Meola

Bob Meola, U.S.: Resistance to the draft to the Vietnam war was an ultimate stand to say No

Video on YouTube channel Refuse to Kill

(15.05.2020) Bob Meola is speaking on behalf of Courage to Resist on International Day of Conscientious Objection

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Femininities and masculinities: Analysing militarism through the lens of patriarchy

(16.04.2020) Militarism can be analysed from different perspectives; from class to race, to gender. You can make links between militarism and other social problems such as climate change, internal and external displacement, discrimination and many others.

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US: Do Soldiers Really Want to Fight Trump’s War?

Conscientious Objectors Have Choices

(07.01.2020) As Iran retaliated after Trump authorized assassinating an Iranian general, the topic of conscientious objectors officially became a thing. The reality that America is at yet another foreign war set in as Iran launched missiles at American targets in Iraq on Tuesday night in retaliation to President Donald Trump authorizing the assassination of a high-ranking Iranian general last week. As troops were being deployed to the Middle East, the topic of conscientious objectors was quietly bubbling up on social media.

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Furkan Çelik

Turkey: Conscientious objector indicted for "alienating the people from the army"

(06.11.2019) Furkan Çelik, Mitglied des Vereins für Kriegsdienstverweigerung (Vicdani Ret Derneği), wurde von der Istanbuler Staatsanwaltschaft wegen „Distanzierung des Volkes vom Militär angeklagt. Die Anklage gegen den Kriegsdienstverweigerer bezieht sich auf den Twitter-Account des Vereins.