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Action October 31, 2020.

Israel: Conscientious objector Hallel Rabin imprisoned 4th time

(19.11.2020) Israeli conscientious objector Hallel Rabin, 19, was imprisoned for her refusal to serve in the army. On 19th November, Rabin was sentenced to 10 more days in military prison. This is Rabin’s fourth imprisonment. She has already spent 40 days behind bars in three terms.

Send a protest email to the Israeli authorities here.

Syria: ECJ strengthen conscientious objectors in asylum cases

(19.11.2020) The European Court of Justice decided, that in the context of the civil war in Syria, there is a strong presumption that refusal to perform military service there is connected to a reason which may give rise to entitlement to recognition as a refugee

In a number of situations, such refusal is an expression of political opinions or of religious beliefs, or is motivated by membership of a particular social group.

Dustin Hausner

Dustin Hausner, U.S., New York: We need to support people who do not want to commit atrocities

Video on YouTube channel Refuse to Kill

(15.05.2020) Hello. My name is Dustin Hausner. I’m from New York in the United States of America. Today I’m recognizing International Conscientious Objection Day. I do not believe in hatred, in violence or warfare. I believe in non-violence, in pacifism, I believe in peace. (...)

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Connection e.V., Germany: Conscientious Objectors and Deserters need asylum!

Video auf dem YouTube Kanal Refuse to Kill

(15.05.2020) A smart action by Connection e.V. - Eine Aktion von Connection e.V.

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