CO and Asylum 

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An Overview

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André Shepherd

"The peoples of the world who have borne the brunt of the unlawful attacks must have the chance at peace"

Easter Letter to all my Friends and Supporters

(03.04.2012) It has been almost a year since the German Federal Immigration Office denied my asylum. During this time the American Government continues to force soldiers such as myself to continue invading other lands under the guise of Democracy. It pains me to see that this once great country has decided to use its great power to subjugate the peoples of the world, rather than uplifting them to new heights. Even though the Iraq war has seemingly ended, there is still no end in sight for this ill-fated “War on Terror.”

Refusing Military Service and War is vital

Statement at International Ecumenical Peace Convocation

(23.05.2011) There exists objection and evasion of war and military in many countries of the world. It can occur at any time. A person may object before or after joining the military, before or after being recruited in case of conscription. Evaders and deserters are generally prosecuted, COs are rejected still in a lot of countries. If a CO right exists, they often have to face a complicated and degrading screening process. Furthermore a lot of countries do not give the opportunity to already recruited draftees and professional soldiers to legally declare their CO. Globally, COs are facing prosecution, repression, or re-recruitment. For this reason some of them apply for asylum somewhere else.

Conscientious Objection, Desertion and Asylum

(15.05.2011) In all wars individuals - sometimes only a few, sometimes thousands - try to evade military service, to object military actions or desert from the military. They face prosecution and persecution. Furthermore objectors have to realize that in many countries their conscience and convictions are not accepted. They face repression, prosecution or new recruitment as well. This is why all of them seek protection abroad in other countries. But over and over again such applications for asylum are rejected. Generally, prosecution and persecution of conscientious objectors or deserters is not regarded as a valid reason for asylum.

Some international resolutions and recommendations have been adopted in recent years. I would like to give a summary of these, highlighting different opinions and the existing possibilities for conscientious objectors and deserters to be accepted as refugees. Additionally, I will outline the limits of such possibilities.

André Shepherd

U.S. AWOL soldier Shepherd appeals against the rejection of his application for political asylum

Severe criticism of the decision of the Federal Bureau from peace and refugee-aid organizations

(07.04.2011) The U.S. AWOL soldier André Shepherd today instructed his attorney to institute legal proceedings against the negative ruling on his application for asylum by the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge [Federal Bureau of Migration and Refugees] that was served two days ago. At a press conference held by Connection e.V., PRO ASYL, and the Military Counseling Network in Frankfurt am Main, he commented at length.