CO and Asylum 

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An Overview

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Open Letter to Canadian government

Petition for the protection of AWOL soldiers seeking refuge from persecution in Canada

(09.12.2010) Groups and organisations call with an action and a petition to the Canadian government and parliament to do justice to popular request and to grant AWOL soldiers and persecuted men and women safe permanent residence.

Lettre ouverte au gouvernement canadien

Pétition ayant pour but de prótéger les soldats qui ont déserté et qui cherchent refuge au Canada

(09.12.2010) Nous en appelons au Gouvernement et au Parlement du Canada à répondre favorablement au souhait de sa population et à assurer aux déserteurs et aux personnes poursuivies le droit d’asile.

A Demand for Justice

Message of greeting to protest action in front of Canadian consulate in Düsseldorf

(09.12.2010) The American soldiers in Canada are on the front lines in the battle to stop American encroachment on the rights of the Individual. These people need to be applauded, not treated as though they are potential criminals. If it were up to the American Government, those Soldiers would be forced to take part in the stealing, Raping, and murdering that is going on throughout the world today.  It should not be a crime to have the integrity to say NO!

Canada: U.S. military deserters not saved by Liberal bill

(30.09.2010) A Liberal private member’s bill to grant U.S. military deserters permanent residency in Canada died at second reading Wednesday by a vote of 143 to 136. All Conservatives voted against Gerard Kennedy’s bill -- as did some of his Liberal colleagues -- while most opposition MPs supported it. The bill would have allowed all military deserters — not just those from the U.S. — to apply for permanent residence as conscientious objectors to armed conflicts not sanctioned by the United Nations.