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Presentation of the declaration

Colombia: Statement of Conscientious Objectors

(26.04.2019) On this International Conscientious Objection Day, we stand in solidarity with conscientious objectors in Colombia, who refuse to be conscripted and bear arms despite various obstacles they face.

Below you will find a statement by conscientious objectors in Colombia, giving a background of their struggle and urging their government to act on a number of issues. If you would like to know more about the situation of conscientious objectors in Colombia you can read a recent report by ACOOC and Justapaz here  (in Spanish), or download its summary (in English) here.

Colombia: Conscientious objector Diego Blanco illegally recruited

(24.03.2017) Conscientious Objector Diego Fernando Blanco López from Colombia was illegally recruited by the Colombian army, despite his right to postpone due to being a student. He is currently being forced to serve in the Grupo de Caballeria Mecanicado No 4 Juan de Corral of the Colombian Army in Rionegro, Antioquia.

Colombia: Conscientious objector Jose Luis Peña detained for desertion

Call for letters of protest

(01.12.2010) Objetores y Objetoras de Conciencia ACOOC reported about the detention of conscientious objector Jose Luis Peña. Jose Luis was detained by the Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad DAS on the 11th of November of 2010, as a deserter. After his detention in Bogota he was sent on the 15th of November to Leticia following the orders of Judge No 10 de Instruccion Penal Militar Batallon de Infanteria y Selva No. 50.

Colombia: Conscientious objector Juan Diego Agudelo recruited by force

Call to support

(26.10.2010) War Resisters’ International has been informed by its Colombian affiliate Red Juvenil de Medellin about the recruitment by force of conscientious objector Juan Diego Agudelo. Juan Diego Agudelo is a young campesino in the municipality of Andes, a few hours southwest of Medellin. He works on a farm to help support his parents and two little sisters; his father’s income as a day-laborer is not enough to feed the whole family. On 5 September 2010,Juan Diego Agudelo was grocery-shopping for his family in town when soldiers came up to him and asked for his papers. When he told them he did not have his military service booklet, he was pushed into a truck and taken to the 11th battalion of the 4th Brigade. They took away his identification and have still not returned it to him.