Conscientious Objection 

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Appeal for donations - Peace Coffee

Deserters and conscientious objectors from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus need your support

(26.03.2022) A few days ago the Quixote Coffee Collective launched a Coffee of Solidarity for the work for deserters and conscientious objectors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. We think this is a great idea and thank them very much. We also take this as an opportunity to call for donations ourselves: Please support deserters and conscientious objectors from Ukraine, Russia and from Belarus.

Protection and asylum in the event of conscientious objection and desertion in the time of the Ukraine war

(24.03.2022) In Russia and Belarus, people are evading involvement in the war against Ukraine, which is in violation of international law. There are also conscientious objectors in Ukraine. Despite international decisions on conscientious objection, and despite regulations in EU law concerning objection to wars in violation of international law, German asylum decisions go in a different direction.

Conscientious objection and desertion in Belarus, Russian Federation, and Ukraine

(24.03.2022) In Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, there are different regulations for conscription, the right to conscientious objection as well as military service and desertion. In none of the three countries is the human right to conscientious objection implemented in the way required by various international bodies and the European Court of Human Rights.

Conscientious objectors and deserters need our support

No to war in Ukraine!

(01.03.2022) Once again, there is war in Europe. We are appalled. In a war of aggression, Russian troops have invaded Ukraine on the orders of the Russian government under Vladimir Putin. Already  many are dead or have been wounded. There is a threat of further escalation.

We demand from the Russian government to immediately cease all hostilities and withdraw all troops from Ukraine. An escalation leading to the confrontation between Russia and NATO must be avoided at all costs. We welcome starting negotiations before the suffering becomes even greater.