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Moroccan and U.S. soldiers at a joint military exercise Photo Chisco2

Morocco: Conscription to be reintroduced

(30.08.2018) On 20th August, Morocco’s ministerial council, chaired by King Mohammed VI, approved a draft law reintroducing compulsory military service for under 25s. If passed in parliament, both men and women aged 19 to 25 will be subject to a 12-month mandatory military service - which was abolished by the King in 2006.

Saudi Arabia: Shura opposes military conscription

(12.02.2018) Saudi Arabia’s Shura Council is against the compulsory military service for Saudis, Deputy Chairman of the Security Committee in the Shura Council, Maj. Gen. Abdul Hadi Al Amri said. “The people of Saudi Arabia have always been loyal to their country and leaders, and will not hesitate or falter in their service and commitment against any aggression,” he said. “The accord and harmony among citizens make military conscription for Saudis unnecessary. The Security Committee of the Council does not see the need to discuss a proposal for conscription as there are thousands of unemployed young people who want to take up careers in the armed forces and not be part of military conscription,” Al Amri said, quoted by Al Hayat daily on Monday.

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Ukraine: Draft evasion and desertion, and the consequences under criminal law

(18.11.2017) It is estimated that hundreds of thousands have refused to be called up, are still living in Ukraine or have fled to neighbouring countries. Desertion and avoiding conscription can attract prison sentences of up to three years according to Articles 335 and 336 of the Criminal Code.

Fleeing ISIS Conscription in Deir Ezzor

Conversation with a draft evader

(06.11.2017) When ISIS ordered the forced conscription of all men of fighting age in Deir Ezzor, Ali knew he had no other choice but to enlist a smuggler and escape the eastern province.