Draft Evasion 

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Law announcement

Algeria: National Service and Conscientious Objection

(05.09.2016) A survey to conscription, military service, postponements, exemptions, conscientious objection and civil service as well as to the prosecution of conscientious objectors in Algeria.

Briefing paper for the Universal Periodic Review of UN Human Rights Committee of Turkey

Failure to legislate for conscientious objection

(03.12.2014) Turkey is the last country in the Council of Europe area to recognize conscientious objection to military service. Conscientious objectors face the possibility of a life-long cycle of prosecutions and imprisonment, and a situation of “civil death” which excludes them from the normal social, cultural and economic life.


Report at the Mediterranean Conscientious Objectors Meeting

Israel has conscription for men and women

(31.01.2014) Israel has universal mandatory conscription for both men (for three years) and women (for two years). But, as is often the case with conscription systems around the world, in practice, the rule of universal conscription breaks down into many population-specific policies.


Israel: IDF on ‘hunt’ for draft dodgers, deserters

(22.05.2012) According to Israeli military records, there are a 2,700 deserters and 1,780 draft dodgers in Israel. In the last week alone, the IDF has arrested 474 of them as part of its largest-ever operation to apprehend them. Who are these “deserters”and in whose interest is it to invest so much of the military’s resources to hunt them down?