Draft Evasion 

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Rundbrief »KDV im Krieg« - Februar 2018

Fleeing ISIS Conscription in Deir Ezzor

Conversation with a draft evader

(06.11.2017) When ISIS ordered the forced conscription of all men of fighting age in Deir Ezzor, Ali knew he had no other choice but to enlist a smuggler and escape the eastern province.

Vicdani Ret Dernegi

Turkey: New Executive Decree threatens conscientious objectors

(09.10.2017) On 22nd June, the Turkish government issued a new decree law - during the ongoing state of emergency - which allows the immediate conscription of those who were found to be members of, or in relation to, terrorist organisations.

Law announcement

Algeria: National Service and Conscientious Objection

(05.09.2016) A survey to conscription, military service, postponements, exemptions, conscientious objection and civil service as well as to the prosecution of conscientious objectors in Algeria.

Briefing paper for the Universal Periodic Review of UN Human Rights Committee of Turkey

Failure to legislate for conscientious objection

(03.12.2014) Turkey is the last country in the Council of Europe area to recognize conscientious objection to military service. Conscientious objectors face the possibility of a life-long cycle of prosecutions and imprisonment, and a situation of “civil death” which excludes them from the normal social, cultural and economic life.