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Eritrea: Four Teenagers shot dead after attempt to escape

Eritrean opposition groups call for protest demonstration

Four male teenagers were caught and killed by Eritrean soldiers after their attempt to cross the border to Ethiopia illegally beginning this year. This was reported on February 11. Due to this incident Eritrean civil organisations and opposition groups are calling for a funeral march: Saturday, February 28, 2009 at 11 am in front of the central station in Frankfurt/Main.

Presentation of Eritrean Antimilitarist Initiative

(01.05.2005) We are conscientious objectors from Eritrea, living in Germany. We advocate for a peaceful future and the right to Conscientious Objection in Eritrea. Our initiative is independent from any Eritrean organization, political or otherwise. We are open to all individuals or groups who want to be engaged in our initiative and work toward common aims.