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Protest action in Sheikh Jarrah, Photo: Timo Vogt

Israel: The storm which Netanyahu enleashed

(12.05.2021) “The government is playing with fire all of us get burned! In a desperate attempt to cling to  power, Netanyahu is dragging us into war, killing and suffering and pain for both peoples. Stop the escalation! Cease the fire! Stop the expulsion of families from Sheikh Jarrah, stop the police rampage in East Jerusalem. There can be no peace and no quiet as long as the West Bank lives under occupation and Gaza suffers a suffocating siege. The solution: an end to the occupation, an end to the siege of Gaza, and the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, with East Jerusalem as its capital. We all deserve to live in freedom and security. The time to act is now!”

Turkey: Conscientious Objection Bulletin

March - April 2021

(12.05.2021) In the third issue of the Conscientious Objection Bulletin, you may find informations about the applications that we’ve received in March and April of 2021, the two-month up-to-date information on the violations of rights experienced by conscientious objectors, up-to-date information on the legal cases followed by VR-DER (Conscientious Objection Association), and the conscientious objection declarations made in March and in April.

If you want to get information about the monitoring work carried out by VRDER, you can contact us on our website and social media accounts.

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Davut Erkan

Turkey: There was an arrest warrant for evasion of the military draft

Video with conscientious objector Davut Erkan

(11.05.2021) Davut Erkan is a conscientious objector and lawyer in Turkey. In this video he describes in detail how civilian death, the constant police checks, the ever-present threat of recruitment affect his work and everyday life. The video has been made by Association for Conscientious Objection (Istanbul) and published to the International Day of Conscientious Objection, May 15, 2021.

Turkish with English undertitles.

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Türkiye/Turkey: Sürgün yolum - My road to exile

Video mit Beran Mehmet İşçı

(09.05.2021) Beran Mehmet İşçı declared his conscientious objector in Turkey 2018 and fled to Germany. In this video he tells about his reasons for refusing the military service and to leave Turkey as well as about his experiences as asylum seeker. The video has been published to the International Day of Conscientious Objection, May 15, 2021.

Turkish with English and German undertitles.

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