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Refuseniks from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine say no to war

(29.09.2022) On the occasion of Refugee Day on 30 September, PRO ASYL and Connection e.V. present voices of conscientious objectors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. All of them are threatened with criminal proceedings in their countries of origin and need protection from persecution. The German government is to make generous use of their options to grant humanitarian visas.

Escape from Russia: What we can currently say

(23.09.2022) Since Russia’s ruler Putin declared a partial mobilisation for the war against Ukraine, men and women who want to flee the country out of fear of military service and state repression have been contacting PRO ASYL by the minute. This is the information we can currently give to those affected.

Russia: All you need to know if mobilisation concerns you or your loved ones

A comprehensive guide from Meduza on mobilisation

(23.09.2022) The independent Russian medium Meduza has compiled a comprehensive guide for Russian men aged 18 to 70, women in military professions and their relatives. The material systematises the scattered information currently circulating on the internet. The text is available in Russian.

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Appeal for Donations

#ObjectWar Campaign - #StandWithObjectors

(21.09.2022) Support deserters and conscientious objectors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Their courageous step must be strengthened. A European network of groups and organizations offers hotline, counseling, accompaniment and support in asylum procedures and advocates for deserters and refusers on a political level. For this purpose we ask for your donation on the donation account set up especially for this purpose:

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You can also donate quickly and easily online:

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