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Appeal for Donations

#ObjectWar Campaign - #StandWithObjectors

(25.10.2023) Support deserters and conscientious objectors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Their courageous step must be strengthened. A European network of groups and organizations offers hotline, counseling, accompaniment and support in asylum procedures and advocates for deserters and refusers on a political level. For this purpose we ask for your donation on the donation account set up especially for this purpose:

IBAN DE47 5055 0020 0006 0853 77, Sparkasse Offenbach, SWIFT HELADEF1OFF

You can also donate quickly and easily online:

Donations are tax deductible. For a donation receipt, please provide us with your address. Thank you very much for your support.

Digest of Movement of Conscientious Objection Russia, August 2023

(25.10.2023) Russian authorities threaten potential conscripts with criminal liability and do not have time to complete the electronic register at military offices. MCO was nominated for a Nobel Prize. Raids on migrants continue to conscript them into war.

Despite everything: Voices for an end to violence and understanding in Israel and Palestine

(17.10.2023) Hamas’s militants have invaded Israel from Gaza on October 7, 2023. "Hundreds of people were massacred in their homes and at a music festival, just entire communities decimated," reports Israeli conscientious objector Haggai Matar. It is an unimaginable horror.

War Diary

(15.10.2023) Terrible sights from the south and the Gaza envelope. Sights of war, murder, destruction and a criminal attack on innocent civilians. Our hearts are with the victims of hamas’ attack, both on the ground and via rockets.

October 8, 2023: Terrible sights from the south

October 9, 2023: As if brutality will improve something

October 15, 2023: There is no solution that can grow out of desire for revenge and suffering

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