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Folder to the campaign

Deserters and objectors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine need our support

(10.05.2022) A folder is available to the campaign. Under the title "Deserters and Objectors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine need our support" we briefly present our work for the deserters and conscientious objectors from these countries. In addition, we provide some background information on conscientious objection and desertion and on conscientious objection and asylum. A print template can be provided.

Resolution of German parliament raises hopes for Russian deserters that will not be fulfilled

(29.04.2022) The current restrictive recognition practice of German authorities for deserters prevents them from receiving protection here. In order for the resolution of German parliament of April 28, 2022, to take effect, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the BAMF must now immediately change their practices, PRO ASYL and Connection e.V. demand.

Counseling hotline for conscientious objectors and deserters of the Ukrainian war established

(07.04.2022) The conscientious objection network Connection e.V. has set up an counseling hotline "Get out" in Russian language to support Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian conscientious objectors and deserters.

Soldier, Soldier

A new music video by Russian artist Manizha

(31.03.2022) “Soldier, soldier, you’re somebody’s brother, son and father, not a toy in somebody’s hands.” A new music video by the brilliant and controversial Russian artist, Manizha, released on her YouTube channel on March 13, 2022, was timed to coincide with the day’s protests. It is timed, also, to come just before the spring conscription, when Russia’s newest recruits will be offered contracts to serve in a foreign war. The choreography of “Soldier, Soldier” is hauntingly reminiscent of 1920’s German dance, of expressionist anti-war pieces by Kurt Joos or Mary Wigman.

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