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Conscientious Objection and Desertion

Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

(20.09.2022) Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine have different regulations on conscription, the right to conscientious objection to military service, draft evasion and desertion. In Russia and Belarus, the law on conscientious objection does not comply with international standards. Ukraine suspended the right to conscientious objection when the war began.

Ukraine - Objection Phenomenon

(20.09.2022) An estimated 140,000 Ukrainian men of military service age have left the country. By end of July, Ukrainian authorities had opened 5,000 criminal cases against military draft evaders and deserters. In addition, there are 8,000 cases of illegal border crossing.

Desertion in order to not participate in war

Numbers for Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

(15.09.2022) We know that thousands of military conscripts have fled Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.But it is not possible to obtain accurate numbers on desertion, conscientious objection to military service and military draft evasion in these countries. No statistics record how many there really are. Therefore, at this point we can only try to estimate those numbers.

Video published about conscientious objector Onur Erden

16 years of persecution in Turkey - still no asylum

(08.09.2022) „If I would have completed my military service and would have participated in an operation in East, I would have killed women, childs and people of Kurds, Armenians and other nationalities, they would have rewarded me, declared me a hero. But because I refused to play the dirty game, refused to be a soldier, refused to fight, they accused me of being a terrorist.“

Today Connection e.V. published a video film about Onur Erden, conscientious objector from Turkey. For 16 years now, he has been subject to unending persecution and has therefore sought asylum in Germany. 

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8:20 min, Turkish with German and English undertitles