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Action for Joe Glenton

International Day of Action for UK Refusenik Joe Glenton


(05.03.2010) Anti-war groups in Russia, United States, Germany, Turkey, Britain, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Polen are calling with broadcastings, pickets and rallies for all charges against Joe Glenton to be dropped. Joe Glenton should be released from military service immediately. On March 5, Joe Glenton faces court martial and possibly two years in jail for going AWOL (absent without leave).

On March 5, 2010, British Afghanistan war refusenik Joe Glenton was sentenced to nine months in jail for having gone AWOL.

Rally in Frankfurt

Protest Rally in Front of Ethiopian Consulate


(19.11.2009) With a rally in front of the Ethiopian consulate about 50 demonstrators protested in Frankfurt today. Members of the Ethiopian War Resisters’ Initiative (EWRI) had invited to this rally considering the beginning campaign for the election in May 2010.

Down with the Dictatorship in Eritrea

Rally of Eritrean Opposition Groups


(28.02.2009) Four male teenagers were caught and killed by Eritrean soldiers after their attempt to cross the border to Ethiopia illegally beginning of 2009. This was reported on February 11. Due to this incident Eritrean civil organisations and opposition groups called for a funeral march which was held February 28, 2009, in Frankfurt/M. About 400 people attended the rally.

André Shepherd

Press Conference with AWOL US Soldier André Shepherd


(17.11.2008) At today`s press conference declared AWOL US soldier André Shepherd why he applied for refugee status: "It is perhaps appropriate that I am applying for asylum in Germany, where the Nuremburg trials took place 60 years ago. One of the main things that were established during these trials was that one cannot defend one’s actions by claiming to have merely been following orders. If I had stayed in the U.S. Army and continued to participate in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I could not legally argue that I was just doing my job. Here in Germany it was established that everyone, even a soldier, must take responsibility for his or her actions, no matter how many superiors are giving orders."