Human Rights 

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Halil Savda

"I burned those letters that they cannot find…"

Report about a house search closed to Cizre, Turkey

(02.06.2017) Green greyish two cars ... Both of them were armored and khaki coloured men quickly entered the village road. Right next to the village mosque is the single-storey house in front of the car that took off. They ran one by one with their long barreled weapons.

Almira and Menessa saw the gunmen jumping off their cars. Almira is three and Menessa is five years old. They left their games.

Chelsea Manning

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is Free!

(17.05.2017) Chelsea Manning, the Army intelligence analyst jailed for her 2010 disclosure of classified information, is free. Manning will leave Fort Leavenworth after having been imprisoned for 7 years. She was supposed to serve 35, the longest sentence ever handed down to a whistleblower in the United States, but after an impassioned activist campaign calling for her release President Obama commuted her sentence before leaving office.

Dr. Serdar Küni (2nd left) after his release

Turkey: Trial of Dr. Serdar Küni, Şırnak 2nd heavy penal court

Statement of International Delegation of Trial Monitors

(25.04.2017) [Cizre, Turkey] Dr. Serdar Küni, a medical doctor working in the Cizre office of Human Rights Foundation Turkey, was convicted of section 220/7 of the Turkish Penal Code, “aiding and abetting terrorist organizations”, on 24 April 2017 during the second hearing of his trial. The court sentenced Dr. Kuni to four years, two months imprisonment, but released him from prison pending his appeal. No written judgment to explain the ruling is yet available.

Our conclusions are that the trial proceedings ignored the most basic of international fair trial standards, and failed to take into account the arbitrary nature of the charges against Dr. Küni. Our principal concerns about the trial process are summarised below.

Dr. Serdar Küni (2nd left) after his release

Turkey: Conviction of good medical practice by the Şırnak Local Court on behalf of Serdar Küni MD is unacceptable!

(25.04.2017) The proceeding has shown us clearly that what’s on trial is in fact, the universal ethical principles related to medical practice. Despite immense difficulties, MD. Serdar Küni has been, for many years and in the witness of many, practicing human rights-based medicine in Cizre district of Şırnak, with a strong commitment to the ethical and scientific references of good medical practice. Since the very first day, we know that the real target of this “trial” is national and international law and conventions, universal ethical principles of good medical practice and mainly human conscience.