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A Vital Command Center of U.S. Army

Solidarity Note for a Demonstration at U.S. Army Airfield Wiesbaden

(06.08.2009) The importance of having a demonstration in front of this base cannot be understated. This airbase in Wiesbaden is supposed to be the future home of the US Army´s 5th corps, this is the US Army unit that was in charge of most other units in the invasion of Iraq during the push from Kuwait to Baghdad. It along with 1st Marine Expeditionary Force was put in charge of 7/8ths of the other units in Kuwait under the name Combined Joint Task Force 7.

Winter Soldier Hearing: All reports of testifiers

Videos and Audios

(17.03.2009) Hearing Winter Soldier was held in Freiburg Mach 14, 2009. Here you find a list of all testimony, which are available as video or audio.

Iraq Veterans Against the War convenes Winter Soldier Europe before NATO summit

Testimony are available online

(16.03.2009) Freiburg, Germany – About 150 people heard testimony from nine American, British, and German veterans in Freiburg, Germany, on Saturday about the military members’ experiences in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Testimony are available online.

Winter Soldier 2009

Testifier Biographies

(10.03.2009) Testifier Biographies: Chris Arendt, Zack Baddorf, Chris Capps-Schubert, Dave Cortelyou, Eddie Falcon, Lee Kamara, Rose Kazma, Christian Neumann, André Shepherd and Martin Webster.