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Court of Appeal confirms nine months sentence for Joe Glenton

British Afghanistan war refusenik still in prison

(23.04.2010) According to information forwarded by the British organisation Payday, the High Court in London refused the appeal lodged by British Afghanistan war refusenik Joe Glenton and confirmed the sentence of nine months for having gone AWOL. Connection e.V., Iraq Veterans Against the War Europe, DFG-VK Hesse and Payday see the sentence as a measure to prevent other soldiers from speaking out their opposition to the war in Afghanistan. Rudi Friedrich of the network for conscientious objectors Connection e.V. said today, „According to figures published by the British ministry of war, more than 17,000 British soldiers have gone AWOL since 2003. They have clearly voted with their feet: Against the highly controversial war operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.“ Chris Capps, spokesman of IVAW Europe,

added: “They picked out Joe Glenton because he spoke out what so many soldiers are thinking. The politicians who instigated the war should be in the dock, not people who refuse it.“

Turkey: Conscientious objector Enver Aydemir sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment

(01.04.2010) War Resisters’ International learned today that Turkish conscientious objector Enver Aydemir has been sentenced to ten months imprisonment by an Eskişehir court on Tuesday, on charges of desertion. Given the time he had already spent in prison, he was then formally released, but is now being taken to the Bilecik 2nd Gendarmerie Private Education Unit, where he will be ordered again to complete his military service. If he refuses, he will again be arrested and transferred to Eskişehir military prison, to await a new trial on charges of disobeying orders - the begin of a vicious cycle.

USA: Afghanistan war resister Travis Bishop is free!

(31.03.2010) Afghanistan war resister Travis Bishop was finally released from the brig at Fort Lewis last week. Travis originally was sentenced to 12 months in prison in a court-martial at Fort Hood, Texas for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan for reasons of conscience. He later received a 3 month reduction in sentence due to a successful clemency application to the Commanding General at Fort Hood, as well as receiving extra time off for good behavior. He served a total of 7 months and 12 days of confinement, as well as a reduction of rank from Sergeant to Private and a pending Bad Conduct Discharge.

Turkey: Disciplinary Fine for Detained Conscientious Objector Aydemir

(11.02.2010) The Eskişehir Military Court imposed a one-month disciplinary fine on conscientious objector Enver Aydemir because of his refusal to wear prison clothes and disobedience of orders. Aydemir is not allowed for one month to see anybody else but his lawyer.