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Azerbaijan: Conscientious objector two weeks in army

(10.08.2012) Jehovah’s Witness Amid Zohrabov, from Lokbatan near Baku, was forcibly conscripted into the army when he was summoned on 23 July by the local Conscription Office, Jehovah’s Witnesses complained to Forum 18. Members of this religious community worldwide are pacifist and refuse to do any form of military service.

Kazakhstan to start defence training for all

(09.08.2012) Kazakhstan will introduce universal military training for all adult citizens, according to a government decree published Thursday. "The goal of universal military training of citizens is to attract the population to civil defence activities, prepare for necessary contingencies, and build up the armed forces in the period of martial law," the document said.

Israel: Updates to Noam Gur, Armo Naffa and catching deserters

(17.05.2012) This time we have a couple of brief updates to Noam Gur, Armo Naffa and that IDF is searching for refusers.

15. Mai: Internationaler Tag der Kriegsdienstverweigerung

Turkey: Conscientious objector’s day - Security or freedom?

(14.05.2012) Conscientious objection, which started 200 years ago in other parts of the world, has only now become visible in Turkey. But the history of the Ottoman empire, with its myth of "the prophets army", and the history of the Republic of Turkey, with it’s myth that "every Turk is born a soldier", is actually full of stories of individual and collective evasion of military service, as if making fun of these very myths. My family history is also full of these stories. My grandfather Ali lived 7 years escaping the draft. He escaped from the military many times. In my grandfathers time there was no conscientious objector movement but he knew to act according to his conscience. I took a different path. Like other conscientious objectors, I declared my refusal to kill and be killed openly as a conscientious objector.